Sunday, September 30, 2007

27 Feb. 2006 - female NG

A female Goshawk at Voyager RV Park.

14 March 2006 - mature NG

My second trip to UA - James Rodgers Way. This bird is not a pigeon, not a dove, and not a parrot. My position did not afford a look at the head - I did see a hint of red eye. The tail is long, and broad at the base. The tail is tapered, and the tail tip is tapered. The chest is robust.

9 March 2006 - mature NG

This bird happens to be mature. From the back I referred to this bird as short tailed. From the front it is not short tailed. UA at James Rodgers way, my first visit to UA.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Dear Readers: I am sorry for the inconvenience of having you scroll (scan) your monitor in order to get a blow-up of my photos. I am not yet competent in computers or making a web site. I did know that various sets of browsers presented the same info, but in a different manner than other browsers. From now-on, I will try and make a better presentation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two photos of same male Goshawk

30 March 2006 S. Kolb Rd., Rte 10

Male Goshawk with a square-tipped tail.

Two photos of same female Goshawk

29 March 2006, S. Kolb Rd., Rte. 10

Photos Tucson Goshawks

17 March 2006, S. Kolb Rd., Rt 10

Three photos; one photo of one bird and 2 photos of other bird.

Two female Goshawks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

ending of written report- photos will follow

22 March 2007 3:15 pm. RVP
1 NG; probably male; in hunting mode. The bird was flapping and circling. EOB 100 - 150 feet. OT 10 seconds.

25 March 2007 9:15am. RVP
1 Female NG; bird was rapidly cutting through the RV park, flapping and gliding. EOB 150 feet. OT 15 seconds.

29 March 2007 9:55am. RVP
1 female NG; with long tail; soaring and circling over the golf course. EOB 300-400 feet. OT 15 seconds.
Also: at 10:55am., near Campbell Road and Rt. 10;
1 mature female NG; perched on telephone wire. OT 20 seconds; as seen from my moving vehicle.

31 March 2007 1:45pm. RVP

1 NG; in hunting mode- the bird was "short-tailed". the bird was S, F, G, and circling; drifting. EOB 200 feet. OT 3 minutes. The bird was last seen near guard shack.

1 April 2007; I departed Tucson for Anacortes, Washington.

NG- March-2 3 6 7 13 18 -2007

2 March 2007 11:10am. RVP
Doubles! 1 male and 1 female Goshawk, in hunting mode. The birds were with 2 Ravens. The Hawks were circling at 200-300 feet elevation. The birds were flapping, gliding, and soaring.The winds were steady at 10 mph; bright sun. OT was intermittent- on and off for 4 or 5 minutes.

On March 1, 2007 - I sent out snail mail (five letters) to hawking organizations- stating my rules and information on the "Great Northern Goshawk Hunt" - to be held in Anacortes, Washington.

3 March 2007 2:30pm. RVP
1 NG; toward the entrance of Voyager RV Resort. The bird was flapping and soaring and climbing, over the desert scrub. EOB 200 feet. Then the bird climbed to 1,000 feet or more. OT 3 minutes. The bird went into the sun, and as often happens, never reappeared.

6 March 2007 11:30am. Purple Heart Park (Rita Road)
1 female NG; I was presenting a seminar (2 hour). EOB 200-300 feet. The bird was circling and soaring.

7 March 2007 12:50pm. RVP
1 NG; probably female. The bird was toward the front and side of the resort. The bird was S,F,G, and circling. The bird appeared to take a stoop toward ground. EOB 150-200 feet. OT 4 minutes; while naked eye, then with bins, then with camera.

13 March 2007 10:10am. Rita Rd. and Purple Heart Park
1 NG; toward the west- about 1 1/2 miles away. The bird was circling. OT 1 minute. About 10:15am. a Goshawk was about 3/4 mile away , also toward the west. The bird was flapping and circling. EOB 200-250 feet. OT 1-2 minutes. Both sightings were probably the same bird.

18 March 4pm. RVP
1 NG; cloudy, high clouds- record heat-humid. The bird was S,F,G, and circling, drifting; in hunting mode. EOB 100 feet- 150 feet. OT 3 minutes.

NG-Tucson- Feb.3 13 16 19

3 Feb. 2007 RVP
4 sightings of NG; probably the same bird; bird was always in hunting mode, traversing the guard shack- Eucalyptus trees-drive way of the resort. The bird was flapping and gliding, and all 4 times the bird went toward ground or into trees in pursuit of prey. On the second sighting the the bird was observed to be mature; probably a male. Sightings at noon, 1pm., 2:30pm., 2:45pm.

13 Feb. 2007 9:50 Purple Heart Park on Rita Road
1 NG
I was to present a 2 hour seminar every Tuesday at the park. The notice was presented over the Arizona Star Newspaper's website. The bird was in hunting mode, at about 75 to 100 feet. The bird went down among the houses. OT 30 seconds..
Also: 1 male NG: 11:10am. Houghton Rd. near Rt.10
The bird was F and soaring. EOB 100-150 feet. OT 10 seconds.

16 Feb. 2006 10:10am. RVP
1 NG; probably female. The bird was F,G. EOB 100 feet. The bird was cutting through the entrance-way of the resort. The bird appeared to land (near the guard shack). OT 10 seconds.

19 Feb. 2007 9:50am. RVP
1 NG; probably female, in hunting mode, at the "Eucalyptus- shoot". EOB about 100 feet. OT 15 seconds. The bird was gliding. Winds were about 15 mph.

As an aside: I went to San Diego for 3 nights. I also went to my past-residence at Mission Bay, one of the best areas to observe Goshawks. Within 3 minutes I found a Goshawk, in the precise area of the sky I had expected to find the bird! And I had not been to this area in 7 years!
Also: about 25 miles west of the Yuma exit on Rt.8 (exit143) at 10:27am. - 1 NG- soaring and circling. EOB 250 feet. OT 10 seconds. Feb. 25 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

NG-Jan. 15 17 22 24 26 29

15 January 2007 1:10pm. RVP
1 male NG; probably mature
A large accipiter was gliding at about 100 feet elevation. The bird swung around toward my right flank and started rapidly flapping and climbing. The wings were also giving very shallow snaps. The bird circled and soared and climbed behind my position to an elevation of 500-800 feet. The temps were cold (in the 50's) with winds at 10+ mph.

17 January 2007 2:05pm. RVP
1 NG; far off, naked eye. the bird was f,G, and circling. EOB about 150 feet. OT 15 seconds.
Also: 2:30pm. RVP - 1 NG; S,F,G. EOB 200 feet. OT 5 minutes. The bird was in hunting mode.

22 January 2007 2:42 6th Ave. and Ajo Way
1 male NG; naked eye; bird was attacking a Raven. EOB 100 feet. OT 10 seconds. I was traveling through in my vehicle.

24 January 1:05pm. RVP

1 NG; circling low over the guard shack and Eucalypytus trees. EOB 100 feet. OT 1 minute.

26 January 2:30- 2:34pm. RVP

1 mature female NG; bird was circling overhead; 4 times, then 4 times off my zenith. the bird was circling, and flapping. OT 4 minutes. The bird had dark wing tips. The tail seemed relatively short. I must study the photos, when put into computer.

29 January 3:10pm. RVP

1 NG; bird was S,F,G and drifting away, by circling. EOB 200-250 feet. OT 4 minutes. The bird was probably female. I went tracking the bird; was not successful. I am going to spend more time tracking these birds, and hope to get more photos of the mature female(s).

Outside-inside-outside Goshawk

11 January 2007 10:10am. RVP
Doubles! 2 female Goshawks hunting together. Both birds split and appeared to take toward the trees or ground level. 1 bird went near my zenith. The birds were S and F. 1 bird was mature. EOB 100 feet. OT 1-2 minutes. I was outside of my trailer, my wife was inside on the couch knitting, she was facing the door. I looked into the trailer to speak to her; the window shades were pulled up. Over her head and shoulders, there appeared to be a Goshawk circling. I stepped back 5 steps and opened my truck door for my Bins. Then I walked 30 yards to a more open area - to observe the Goshawks. That is why I call this sighting "the outside-inside-outside Goshawk". But, the gist of this little tale is: one doesn't need field marks, or coloring to identify raptors- especially Goshawks!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

NG- Tucson- Jan.7 and 8

7 January 2007 1:20pm. RVP
1 female NG. The bird was gliding toward the guard house. EOB 100- 150 feet. OT 5 seconds.

8 January 2007 3:00pm. RVP
A very large (wing span), with grey- dorsal -area bird. EOB 75 feet. OT 5 seconds.The bird went to hunt at or near patio area. The size of the bird indicated the bird was a female Goshawk. However, the wing beats were stiff, as a Cooper's. Yet, the wing beats were quite deep. This bird had wing beats as the imm. female NG, seen perched and flapping at Agua Caliente Park (area).

NG- Tucson - January 1, 2007

1 January 2007 2:20pm. RVP
1 female NG; hunting over the RVP. EOB 300 feet. The bird was circling, soaring, flapping. OT 5 minutes.
Also: at 2:30pm. - 1 NG. The bird was F and G "down the shoot" of Eucalyptus trees. EOB 75 feet. OT 5 seconds. It could have been the same bird as seen 5 minutes before.

NG - Dec. 14- 2006

14 December 2006 2:55pm. near Rita Rd. and Rt. 10
1 NG; soaring and flapping. EOB 75-100 feet. OT 10 seconds. The bird went into the scrub field. The bird was possibly, or probably immature.
19 December - I left Tucson for Washington; I returned on 30 December.

Goshawks- Tucson- Dec.2006

8 December 2006
I received my license to operate a nonprofit organization - Common Northern Goshawk.

10 December 2006 11:30 am. Agua Caliente Park
1 immature NG; perched on telephone pole, at Roger's Rd. and Soldier Trail Rd. I call this bird female. I only saw the bird perched, from the right flank. The bird was a long-tailed female. The streaking went toward the under tail. I did not see the under tail coverts. 1 photo was taken at 12x. The bird flew overhead, and had distinct black and white patterning on the under wings. The patterning was consistent throughout, in other words the under wing coverts could not be delineated from the primary feathers. The under wings had no buff-coloring. The base of the tail was broad. The wing tips were pointed (in a glide). The leading edge and trailing edges were somewhat 'S' shaped. The wings were strong and bulky (and because of the glide), the wings appeared of medium length. The bird flew with with rapid, stiff, wing beats; wing beats were deep. The wing beats appeared Cooper's-like, however when the bird soared, the wings were cocked foward. EOB 100 feet. OT- perched- 1 minute; flying, 3 minutes. the bird went down into Agua Caliete property. This was my second trip to Agua Caliente; on both trips, I have seen NG.
Please note: After analyzing the photo - this bird must have been a male.
When I consider the sides of the telephone pole and its diameter, and the negative space relating to the top of the pole ( and how this bird did not fit into this negative space); and looking at female Cooper's, perched on poles, and Red-Tailed Hawks perched on poles; this bird appears to be the size of a female Cooper's. Because of the long wings of the bird as it flew over head; I thought the bird was female.

Goshawks- Tucson- Nov.25 and 26

25 November 2006 3:10pm. Craycroft Rd. and Rt. 10
1 NG; possible male; probably mature. EOB 150 feet. OT 10 seconds. The bird was circling and soaring. I was driving through, on Rt. 10.

26 November 2006 10:00am. RVP
1 large raptor, leisurely cutting past the RV resort. The bird was probably a female NG. The bird flew with slight dihedral. EOB 150 feet. OT 15 seconds.

Friday, September 21, 2007

1 female NG

22 November 2006 9:25am. RVR
1 female NG; perusing the Eucalyptus trees of the resort. EOB 75 feet, then 100-150 feet. The bird was circling and soaring. OT 1 minute.
Also 22 November 2:20pm. RVR
1 Goshawk; probably female; S,G. EOB 150 - 200 feet. OT 40 seconds. The bird appeared to put down near Rt.10, and east of Kolb Rd. I will try and track the bird at 2:55pm., on bike.
Also: I found the NG, at about 3:15pm. The bird was female, and was low, over the guard shack. There was also a Red-Tail Hawk in the area, that went toward ground. Then the NG appeared. OT about 10 seconds. The bird probably went down into the resort. EOB about 100 feet.

1 female NG

21 November 2006 2:25pm. Between Rita Rd. and Kolb Rd., Rt.10
1 female NG; EOB 75 feet; OT 15 seconds. The bird was circling and flapping, near the telephone poles.

1 female NG - RVR

19 November 2006 3:15pm. RVR
1 female NG; perusing the line of Eucalyptus trees - then the bird came low overhead - less than 50 feet away; then the bird went down into the Cove (resident's houses). OT 1 minute. the winds were gusting to 20 mph.

1 NG; probably female

15 November 2006 3:55 pm. RVR
1 long-winged accipiter; soaring, then flapping. EOB 150 feet. The bird came directly overhead, in a glide. Now the bird showed medium-length wings; this was because of the forces placed upon the wing. The ventral area of the bird was grey; with the chest and belly being robust. The folded tail was blackish. The bird flew eastward, and I was looking up the back of the bird, between the shoulder blades. The bird had very deep wing beats, yet the wings were not flexible, but stiff, much as a Cooper's Hawk. The wing beats were very rapid. It appeared the bird cleared the golf course, and was now over the desert scrub. The bird was now buteo-like; soaring, flapping, and circling. OT 1 minute; an unusual observation. The bird was NG; probably female.

1 female NG

7 November 2006 3:30pm. RVR
1 female NG; EOB 200 feet. OT 2 minutes.
The bird was circling and flapping. Then the bird went into a long, shallow, stoop-glide, for a least 1/2 mile. 30 minutes later, I went on bike, with camera, to try and locate bird. 15 minutes later at 4:15pm., the bird was perched on telephone pole, near Rita Road and RT.10. The bird was a mature female NG. I must check my notes of last winter - that was when we saw a possible large accipiter, during near -dark conditions. We were coming from diner, at the Fry's Complex Area.

1 NG - RVR

6 November 2006 4:10pm. RVR
1NG, possibly male, cutting through the RVP. The bird was in hunting mode, and was gliding slowly, then at normal speed. The bird was also flapping. I chased,with camera, on bike - yet I could not find where the bird seemed to have put down.
EOB 150 feet; OT 40 seconds.

1 Gohawk - RVR

5 November 2006 RVR 5pm.
1 NG; far off. EOB 150 feet - dropping to about 100 feet - cutting rapidly through the RV Park. OT 1 minute. I spent 30 minutes on bike trying to locate the bird.

Goshawk- mature female

1 November 2006 RVR 2:45pm.
1 mature female NG; S,F,G. The bird was in hunting mode.
EOB 150 feet. OT 3-30 second intervals. I spent 1 hour trying to again find the bird.

Goshawk Sightings - winter 2006, 2007

I arrived in Tucson on Friday 13, October 2006.
20 October 2006 Houghton Road and Fry's Market. 12:45pm.
1 female Goshawk
The bird was soaring, in hunting mode. Note; this is not an uncommon location to see NG (see my report of 2005-2006). Elevation of bird- 300 feet. Observation time 15 seconds. I was traveling past the bird, in my truck.

Hiatus- Photographs

I'm having difficulties loading and posting my Goshawks photographs. I also have realized that the in-cameara-date on 2 of my photos show that I did not record Goshawk sightings for 3/20/06 and 2/11/06. These photos were probably taken at Voyager RV Resort or nearby at S. Kolb Rd. and RT.10.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goshawk 2 Tucson 20 Feb. 2006

A Northern Goshawk at Agua Caliente.

Goshawk Tucson 04 Dec 05

One mature female Northern Goshawk at Voyager RV Resort 12/04/05