Monday, August 27, 2007


Dear observer: Realise; I didn't just see a bird over head; then snap a photo; then from the photo(s) make an appraisal of the photo. I purposely photograph only Northern Goshawks.
I make sure the bird is a NG, before I raise my camera.What ever your feelings toward the photos...they may be interpreted by some hawk watchers as a mixture of Cooper's Hawks, S.s. Hawks, Red- shouldered Hawks, and Northern Goshawks, however, every one of the photos CAN be interpreted as Northern Goshawk! Some of the photos can show the sex of the bird! And every photo happens to be a Northern Goshawk.

Delivering my report and addendum

On Wednesday, I went to Mr. Perry's office. Also on Wednesday, at Voyager RV Resort, I saw and photographed (2 photos) a female NG; OT was about 4 minutes. 29 March 2006 S. Kolb Rd. and Rt.10, at 9 am.

March 30 2006 4:27 pm. S. Kolb Rd. and Rt. 10
1 male NG; 2 photos were keepers.
OT= about 4 minutes; this bird had a square-tipped tail.

So, these last 2 sightings were mailed to Mr. Perry's office.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

a real hot-spot

9 March 2006 10:15 am. RVP
1 mature NG; swooped low over my moving truck. Location: as I was leaving the RV Park, at the guard shack.

Also 9 March 11 am. University of Arizona Campus. This was my first visit to the campus. My initial impression was - it is a haven for birds and accipiters. Within 2 minutes, I found, high overhead, a perched NG. The bird happened to be mature, and was short-tailed. I will not speculate on the sex. The bird was quite bulky, and was in a big, snaggy area, about 100 feet up. This area in on James Rogers Way. Photos were taken - and when I returned 30 minutes later - the bird was yet perched. More photos were taken. The bird's tree was a big Eucalyptus.
Also, 1 male NG; 3 pm. and 3:30 pm. RVP
The bird was flapping and gliding.

12 March 2006 1:10 pm. RVP
1 male NG; the bird came through at about 150 feet elevation; F and G. The bird was heading for the prisons (on Wilmont Rd.); bright sun and cool. OT= 1 minute or less.

14 March 2006 10:22 am. University of Arizona Campus. I immediately saw the bulky NG; mature. The under tail showed zig-zag, dark bands. The tail was also broad - and tapered toward the tip. The tip was also tapered. The chest was pearly grey, with darker grey vermiculation, or smudgy spots. I observed for about 55 minutes; 15 minutes with 8x42 power binos. The bird never left its perch. In the same tall tree was a grey Cooper's Hawk. This mature bird had a grey head, chest and belly - the chest and belly had a buffyness. The dorsal area was light grey. Twice - this Cooper's left the area. At another time it snapped off a twig, and carried it off to the other large Eucalyptus tree. This area is James Rogers Way.

17 March 2006 11 am. RVP
DOUBLES! 2 female NG; rising from about 100 feet elevation. The birds were soaring, flapping, and climbing. OT= about 7 minutes. The birds were coming from Wilmont Road, and heading toward Rita Road. 3 photos were taken - 1 of one bird and 2 of the other bird. The winds were 2 mph. It was overcast; sun peeking through.

25 March 2006 3:15 pm. RVP
1 Peregrine Falcon; high overhead; then the bird made a stoop toward the Rt. 10 area.

26 March 2006 7:30 am. RVP
1 probable Ferruginous Hawk; low, over the prison on Wilmont; and dropping to the desert. At 5 pm., low, over the RV Resort, and heading south; a possible Ferruginous Hawk.

27 March 11:30 2006 Prudence and Broadway
1 mature female NG; the bird came through slowly (pumping). The bird circled back toward me, 2-3 times. The bird was also gliding, and going southward.
EOB= 100- 150 feet; OT= about 3 minutes.
Also: 27 March 4:30 pm. RVP
1 male NG; the bird was certainly hunting - over the RV Resort. The bird was circling, flapping, and gliding. the bird then went slowly toward the north. OT= about 4 minutes.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hot spot - Agua Caliente Park

20 February 2006 11:15 am. Agua Caliente Park
1 NG; Gliding and flapping, just over the tops' of trees, about 70 feet high. One photo was taken, a keeper. At the same time, a NG was overhead at 500-800 feet altitude. This bird was probably a female. Just to the west of this area were 2 Red-Tailed Hawks, soaring.

25 February 2006 11:15 am. RVP
1 female NG; High and wide, over the RV Park.
At 11:45; swooping, very low, over the RV Park: 1 NG
And 5 minutes later, high and wide (same sky location) as at 11:15: 1 female NG.
At 1:50 pm.; a quick look at 1 NG, soaring over Rt. 10 - Kolb Road.

27 February 2006 10:27 am. RVP
1 female NG; soaring. EOB= about 500 feet, and about 35 degrees off my zenith. Also, I saw an accipiter perched. It probably was a mature female Cooper's. I have many sightings of a mature female Cooper's at the RV Park.

28 February 2006 11:20 am. At Tubac.
1 female NG; This bird was S, F. The bird was short-tailed. EOB= 150-200 feet, and was about 35 degrees off my zenith. OT= 2 minutes. I walked away with the bird yet in the sky.

3 March 2006 11:55 am.; the Park Place Mall (Kolb Rd. and Broadway)
DOUBLES! 2 Ravens were circling at altitude 300-400 feet. 1 female NG entered the Ravens' space, and the NG was pushed away. A few minutes later, a second NG, was circling above the 2 Ravens and the other NG. The 2 NG moved away, out of view, and a third Raven entered the area. OT= 2-3 minutes.


7 February 2006 2:10 pm. Kolb Road and Rt. 10
1 NG; F,G. EOB= 100 feet; OT= 15 seconds
The weather report said - Breezy at 5-15 mph. However, I feel the winds were steady at 20-25 mph.

8 February 2006
Today's paper said that at 12 pm., yesterday, the top winds were at 24 mph.

9 February 8 am. RVP
1 immature female? Taiga Merlin; with prey.
The lighting was diffused; wind was breezy. OT= 20 minutes. Also, a Cooper's Hawk in hunting mode.

10 February 6:20 pm. On Rt. 10, between Kolb Rd. and Rita Rd.
The bird appeared to be accipiter. The bird also appeared to be the size of a Red-Tailed Hawk.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Goshawks by gosh

28 January 7 am. Rita Road and Nexus area.
I was birding the area for 45 minutes. 1 perched and then flapping Cooper's Hawk - 1 male Harrier - 1 Red-Tailed Hawk - some quail - some Lark Sparrows - 1 very light, grayish Merlin, perched and flapping.
At RVP 10:20 am.
1 female NG; S,F,G.
EOB= about 200 feet; OT= about 4 minutes

29 January 4:45 pm. RVP
1NG; S,F,G.
EOB= 200-300 feet. OT= 2-3 minutes. The sun was low, and struck the ventral area of bird, which showed a buffy body; buffy-reddish. The bird may have been a male.

2 February 11 am. Craycroft and Speedway
1 female NG; S,F
EOB= 250-300 feet; OT= about 2 minutes. I left the area with bird yet soaring.
Also: 2 February 4 pm. RVP
1 remarkable Red-Tail Hawk
The ventral area was buffy, with dark wing tips. The dorsal area of tail was medium to light grey. Dorsal area of the rest of the bird was dark brownish. The bird was soaring.

5 February 2006 11:12 am. RVP
1 female mature NG; S,F. OT= 1-2 minutes
At 12pm. RVP
1 NG; S,F,G. EOB= 200 feet. OT= 1 minute
At 1:15 pm. RVP
1 NG; Soaring; EOB= 500-800 feet. OT= 2 minutes

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Goshawks

20 January 2006 12:15 pm. Costco on Grant Road
1 NG
I was scanning into the wash. A ng rose out of the trees and climbed toward altitude of 200 or 250 feet. The bird was S, F, G. OT= 4 minutes.
Also, 20 January 3:15 pm. at the Safeway - Golf Links and Wilmont
1 mature female NG.
The bird was at elevation of 100 feet, and circled once or twice; then went F and G, northward. OT= 1-2 minutes.

23 January 2006 11:00 am. Rita Road and Nexus
1 female NG; S, F, G
At 11:15 am. (same area); 2 NG hunting; S,F,G. One of the birds was female. Elevation of hawks = 80- 100 feet.

24 January 2006 11:40 am. RVP
1 NG ; S, F , G
The bird was in hunting mode at about 80- 100 feet elevation. The winds were strong and steady at about 25 miles per hour.

Monday, August 20, 2007


7 January 2006 11:30 am. RVR

1 female NG

The bird was soaring and flapping. EOB= 75-100 feet. OT= not recorded.

19 January 2006 12:15 pm. near Kolb Rd. and 22nd Ave.

A strong wind pushed a large accipiter into a somewhat unbalanced position (in flight)...the bird flew in front and toward the left of my vehicle. The bird was light-colored -enough to be a NG. The wings were flat, stiff, and thin, with pointed tips; features that a Cooper's Hawk can display, but not to the same degree. This bird was a possible male NG.

Back to Washington

I went out of state - December 22-29

Tucson sightings - Dec.1, 2005 through Mar. 30, '06

2 December 2005 ; pre sun-up (about 7 am.) ; Kolb Road and Route 10

1 NG

I was posted on the overpass. Many Ravens - especially toward the west; in flight and perched. 1 NG coming from the south, heading north, over Route 10. The bird was F, G. The bird was west of my position. EOB=150-200 feet. OT was not recorded.

3 December 2005 ; 7 am., near the overpass, Rt.10

1 accipiter? OT= 1-2 minutes

One raptor (the only one) came from the south, toward me - then veered east to go over the RVP. The bird seemed to be a NG, F and G, yet it had a very short tail (for an accipiter). It was definitely not the bird I saw yesterday, unless, for whatever reason, the bird's tail was chopped.

4 December 2005 1o:15 am. RVP
1 mature female NG

The bird was flying low, 100 feet and less; being attacked by a Raven. The Raven always stayed above the NG, and pushed the NG to the ground, or trees, among the residents' property at the RVP. OT= 2minutes. 1 keeper photograph.

30 December 2005 3:30 pm. RVP
1 female NG
The bird was in hunting mode; soaring, flapping, and gliding. EOB= 100 feet; OT (was not recorded).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Explanation of text

NG= Northern Goshawk S= soaring F= flapping G= gliding OT= observation time EOB= elevation of bird RVP= Voyager RV Resort (S. Kolb Road). All of my sightings are of raptors in flight, unless specified as "perched". Please realize - elevation of the bird and observation time go hand-in-hand; one is a product of the other. OT and EOB are very important in differentiating a Cooper's Hawk from a NG (during non-migratory conditions).

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My offering - to you

Again I will spend the winter in Tucson (2007-2008). If anyone wishes to hook-up with me...and learn the art-science of hawk watching, just send me email. I am very into strategies and insights. I hunt NG as if they are the bandits, and I am the sheriff.

Goshawks of Tucson

This blog is about the resident Northern Goshawks of Tucson...and is published from my notes of the winter of (2006-2007) and (2005-2006). As an aside - many different male and female Northern Goshawks (NG) were observed during my first winter visit to Tucson (2000-2001).

The report of 2005-2006 (with photographs), was delivered to Mr. Gerry Perry's office, Region 5, Tucson Fish and Game. Within that report was my report of the Goshawks of Apache Junction (with photos). About 1 year later, the report of Goshawks of Apache Junction, was mailed to Mr. Tom Hildebrandt, biologist, Phoenix Fish and Game.