Monday, October 1, 2007

Perched immature NG

My initial observation call this bird a female, because I observed the bird in flight and gliding low overhead; long wings. However, because of the negative area of the top and sides of the telephone pole - and the shape of the bird not being able to fill the negative space - this bird must be a male. This bird may appear to be a Cooper's Hawk; however, it happens to be a Goshawk.
10 December 2006 Agua Caliente Park

Sunday, September 30, 2007

27 Feb. 2006 - female NG

A female Goshawk at Voyager RV Park.

14 March 2006 - mature NG

My second trip to UA - James Rodgers Way. This bird is not a pigeon, not a dove, and not a parrot. My position did not afford a look at the head - I did see a hint of red eye. The tail is long, and broad at the base. The tail is tapered, and the tail tip is tapered. The chest is robust.

9 March 2006 - mature NG

This bird happens to be mature. From the back I referred to this bird as short tailed. From the front it is not short tailed. UA at James Rodgers way, my first visit to UA.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Dear Readers: I am sorry for the inconvenience of having you scroll (scan) your monitor in order to get a blow-up of my photos. I am not yet competent in computers or making a web site. I did know that various sets of browsers presented the same info, but in a different manner than other browsers. From now-on, I will try and make a better presentation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two photos of same male Goshawk

30 March 2006 S. Kolb Rd., Rte 10

Male Goshawk with a square-tipped tail.

Two photos of same female Goshawk

29 March 2006, S. Kolb Rd., Rte. 10