Sunday, September 30, 2007

9 March 2006 - mature NG

This bird happens to be mature. From the back I referred to this bird as short tailed. From the front it is not short tailed. UA at James Rodgers way, my first visit to UA.

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Anonymous said...

This bird happens to not be a goshawk also!

how can you tell from that photo??? Its all black, there is no way to identify it based on color. and from what i see, it has too broad of shoulders, and body in general, its head is too much of a dome, its tail is too short. Question: Have you seen a red tailed hawk? right before dusk? or just relaxing? hmm.. gee... i wonder... Dont they look similiar to your proposed... 'goshawk'???

oh and the reason you thought it was short tailed, is because its RED TAIL (or similiar). not a GOSHAWK.